A long staircase or a slide, which would you choose?

staircase, slide, funtheory, volkswagen

Commuters in a Berlin subway had a choice between a staircase or a slide.

This is another fun project by the inspiring people of funtheory.com. After the Worlds Deepest Bin, the Piano Staircase and the Bottle Bank Arcade Machine they have made commuting more fun.

They have put up a huge red slide next to the escalators of the Alexanderplatz station.
slide or staircase, escalator, which would you choose? the funtheory

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How to make recycling fun?

recycling, funtheory, bottle bank, arcade, volkswagen

The people over at the thefuntheory.com have done it again. After last month’s World’s Deepest Bin and the Piano Staircase, they have now come up with the Bottle Bank Arcade Machine. They noticed that fewer people are recycling glass nowadays. To make it more fun for people to recycle their glass they decided to make a game out of it.

A piano staircase or an escalator, which would you choose?

piano, stair, escalator

If we make taking the stairs more fun will more people choose it over the escalator? That’s a question the people at thefuntheory.com (an initiative of Volkswagen) asked themselves. They are trying to see if they can get people to change their behaviour for the better by making them have fun. The videos they made for this project are spreading quickly all over the web.