What is Social Media?

What is Social Media?

To me this is an easy question to answer, but a hard one to explain.

Let’s start with the easy answer:

Social Media is word of mouth on steroids.
or, if you want to say it without a reference to drugs
Social Media is word of mouth in overdrive .

Social Media is a new way of quickly and efficiently communicating and building relationships. Social Media tools are often used to support this.

And now to explain it:
Like 2.0, Social Media has a few specific trades.

Social Media characteristics

Empowering users
Users can contribute and give their feedback to anyone about anything.Social Media - Law of Attraction

Two-way conversation
Now that the users are empowered, businesses can no longer just broadcast their information to users, they will have to engage into the conversation with them to keep them informed and engaged with their company.

The big thing about Social Media is the fact that people are engaging with each other and with businesses. The fact that sharing of information is encouraged means that some form of transparency is also needed. Filling in many forms or creating a password just to give feedback is not done.

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UK to be hypnotised using Twitter and Facebook

social media hypnosis

A British hypnotist is set to cast a spell over the internet for a mass online hypnosis session. The hypnotist, Chris Hughes, will try to set a world record casting the largest mass online hypnosis session. He will try to stick his followers’ hands together and leave them unable to open their eyes. Not only people from the UK, but people all over the world have signed up to be hypnotised.

Tweeting and Facebooking at the altar going a bit too far?

tweeting at the altar

Tjongolongo, I spotted this video on YouTube and saw that it’s currently in the top 10 of viral videos. I can imagine why, you don’t often see the groom first changing his Facebook status to married after the minister pronounced him married before even kissing his bride! He even gave his new wife her mobile phone to update her status as well. he even managed to squeeze in some time to update his Twitter account.

Muppets sing Bohemian Rhapsody

muppets, logo

My brother forwarded me this video on the Muppets singing Bohemian Rhapsody a couple of days ago and I just find it hilarious! I love the Muppets, I grew up watching the Muppet Show and later on watched Muppets Tonight. These guys have been around since the 70s and are still going strong. After watching the video I started digging around and found out that the Muppets are even on Twitter now!

Incredibly creative Social Media campaign on Facebook by IKEA

facebook, campaign, ikea, creative

I came across this very cool use of Facebook by IKEA. So cool, yet so simple. What IKEA did was the following.
1. Open a new store (Malmo, Sweden)
2. Create a Facebook profile page for the store manager Gordon Gustavsson.
3. Upload images from the IKEA showrooms
4. Tell everybody that the first person to tag their name to a product in the pictures wins the product!

When Social Media meets art

social media, art, david hoang

That’s when you a get an exhibition of phrases said on Twitter that are made into drawings. The artist that does all this is David Hoang a non chocolate liking artist who describes himself as two parts cultural ecologist, one part DJ. When he looks at the phrases said in a Tweet he is inspired to draw a picture.