What is Marketing?

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Seeing the words Marketing, Communications and Branding used as if they are all the same makes me go Tjongolongo, so I decided to write down my own definitions. First up: ‘What is Marketing’. You only have to Google the word marketing and you’ll quickly learn all about the 4 P’s (Product, Promotion, Price and Placement). Many (huge) books have been written on the subject explaining every little marketing bit in detail.

Interesting Marketing Experiment by Blu Dot

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Ever wondered who picks up furniture from the street? Furniture design company Blu Dot came up with a ‘real good’ experiment to find out. The company left 25 of its ‘Real Good’ Metal chairs around New York City last month. Hoping ofcourse that New Yorkers would pick up the chair and take it home with them.

Are you practicing Popeye Marketing? Stop it!

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Is it just me or is implementing and adhering to a long-term strategy no longer acceptable? These days if you’re in the Marketing Communications business too many people expect you to perform Popeye Marketing. They want something and they expect you to eat some spinach and get it for them right then and there, tjongolongo. The thing they are forgetting though, is that Popeye has to keep eating spinach every time he gets into trouble, it doesn’t last. That’s no way for a strategy to work.