LED Jacket: LED fashion for men

led jackets

After writing about LED eyelashes and an LED dress I’ve now found some LED fashion for men! Designer Waldemeyer has designed a new set of costumes for the alternative rock band OK Go. They needed new costumes for their latest performance and Waldemeyer decided to stitch thousands of LED lights into their jackets making them into a moving light show.

Need to light up a room? Put on this dress with 24,000 LED lights!

I actually came across this dress a while back and it made me go tjongolongo immediately, but I never got around to write about it till now. The Galaxy Dress, as it’s called, contains 24,000 LED lights and 4,000 Swarovski crystals which have been embroidered on the dress. The makers of the dress, CuteCircuit, say … Read more

A clock that’s being redrawn by hand every minute

clock redrawn by hand

Tjongolongo, I just saw a video of the coolest clock ever! Every minute a guy is erasing and redrawing the minute hand. It looks really weird, you would think that there’s a person on the other side of the clock, but there isn’t. It’s actually an LED screen with a looping video of a guy manually redrawing the minute hand.