What if Social Media were a High School?

Wherever you are, whatever high school you go to, you’ve got your stereotypes. The guys over at Flowtown are the creators of this cool graphic.
Twitter "The Gossip Girl" | Google 'The Prep"

A world without Google

a world without googleWhat if Google didn’t exists, what would the world look like? It’s hard to imagine, isn’t it?

Google is such a big part of our lifes now, it’s hard to picture life without it. Singlegrain has created an infographic that shows a timeline of all the features Google has released so far.

Looking at all the features they ask the question, what if there was no Google? What would life be lie, who would be the top dog?

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What kind of pets would Google and Facebook be?

websites as pets, google, facebook, youtube, myspace

I’ve got a short blog post for you today. I came across these funny images the other day and I just had to share it with you!

What kind of pets would websites as Google, Facebook and YouTube be? That’s a question that the people over at College Humor asked themselves.

They came up with the following…

Google, dog, pet

Facebook, pet, parrot

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Map of the world according to Social Media Networks

social network world map 2010
The people of marketing firm Flowtown created a new world map called “2010 Social Networking Map“.
The map was inspired by XKCD’s “Map of Online Communities” an image that went viral for awhile.
I like the fact that they’ve taken the image all the way, including names of the oceans and naming MySpace and Wikipedia ‘ Former Kingdom of MySpace’  and ‘United Territories of Wikimedia’. Google ofcourse is called ‘ Empire of Google’. Tjongolongo! How fun is that!
Social Network Map 2010, XKCD inspired

Puzzled lady calls tech support to remove Google Pac-Man

Pac-Man, Pacman

I came across this very stupid and very sweet phone call from a woman that just can’t seem to get rid of the Pac-Man game on her homepage. Just listening to the call made me go tjongolongo?!

Old lady, Google, Pacman

The old lady calls up tech support because she isn’t able to study with the Pac-Man game on. The tech guy tries to explain to her that the game will go away the next day and all she has to do is close the tab. Unfortunately this doesn’t help, she has no clue what he’s talking about and him mentioning Firefox just has her puzzled.

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What will Google TV be?

Google TV

Last week everybody was all excited about Google TV. I saw many sites announcing this new and exciting Google project and even heard about it on TV and the radio. At first I thought, Tjongolongo, how cool is that but than I realised that the one place I didn’t hear anything from was Google itself.