Cheap Dutch retailer goes undercover at Amsterdam International Fashion Week

zeeman fashion show

Two weeks ago Dutch retailer Zeeman stunned many fashion gurus by going undercover at Amsterdam International Fashion Week.

They created a fake brand called ‘Frank’ and put on a show at the fashion week. Before fashion week even started they already ‘teased’ everyone in the industry about this new and exciting brand. They basically did everything they could do to create rumor around the brand.

Before the show and during the show everyone was excited, so imagine the look on their faces when at the end of the show the cheap retailers yellow and blue logo ‘Zeeman’ was shown on the big screen!

zeeman amsterdam fashion week 2011

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A Room in a Box – The Caluso Concept

the casulo concept, a room in a box

I came across this amazing design project called The Caluso Concept. It’s a box that contains an entire room!

According to The Caluso Concept was created as part of Marcel Kring’s and Sebastian Mühlhäuser’s dissertation at the Köln International School of Design.

They’ve created a box which turns into a room with a desk, a closet and more within a matter of minutes.

Check out the video to see how quickly the room is assembled.

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How to fit 24 rooms in a 330 square feet apartment

Meet: The Domestic Transformer.

I came across a video of this very small (330 square ft) apartment. The owner of the place is the architect Gary Chang. He grew up in a tiny apartment himself which actually inspired him to create the flexible apartment.

The way it works looks actually pretty simple. By using sliding walls, fold-down tables and chairs he is able to transform his bedroom into a kitchen, his kitchen into a bathroom, his bathroom into a study and so on. In total, he can create 24 rooms in this small space!

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Mobile Phone Dress. A Little black dress and mobile phone all-in-one

mobile phone dress, cellphone dress

London-based fashion company CuteCircuit has designed the M-Dress (Mobile Phone Dress), a little black dress that doubles as a mobile phone and lets wearers make and receive calls.

m-dress, mobile phone dress, cellphone dressAll they have to do is slip their sim card under the label and they’re set to make calls. The dress is rigged up with gesture recognition software which allows users to pick up a call by raising their hand to their ear. When finished with the phone call users can just drop their hand down again and the call will end.

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Skateboard sculptures

Skateboard sculpture

Japanese artist Haroshi has found a new leash of life for old skateboards.

He makes sculptures by stacking many layers of skateboard decks. After stacking the skateboards are cut, shaven and polished into sculptures. This style is similar to they way traditional Japanese Great Buddhas are made.

Skateboard sculpture - Hands

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