Why classical music and YouTube are a great combo

youtube symphony orchestra

youtube symphony orchestra

Last year YouTube started a new initiative called The YouTube Symphony Orchestra (YSO). The idea was that professional musicians as well as skilled hobbyists could send in an audition YouTube video. The chosen ones formed The YouTube Symphony Orchestra and performed at Carnegie Hall in New York.

Picture that, an orchestra formed entirely out of people that have auditioned on YouTube and don’t know each other at all! How could that work?

Well, it did work, in fact, it was such a huge success that this year they’re doing it again. People from all over the world have auditioned for a spot in the YSO. From a German guy playing a vuvuzela, to a Brazilian electric guitarist to the ‘standard’ violin, chello etc. players. Votes as well as an expert panel decided on the winners. The winners have been invited to a week of rehearsals and master classes at an orchestra and summit at Sydney Opera House in March, 2011, culminating in a performance conducted by Michael Tilson Thomas (Source: ibtimes.com)

According to Mashable, Ed Sanders, YouTube’s Group Marketing Manager states: ” Usually [an audition] is done behind a curtain. With our partners, we wanted to challenge that.” He continues by saying: ” If you have the skill and a webcam, you should be able to give it a crack”

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Heineken tricks football fans into visiting a classical music concert

Heineken beer cans

Imagine that on the day of the big match of your favourite sport you have been talked into going to a classical music concert instead. That’s exactly what happened in Italy for many football (aka soccer if you’re from the US) fans. Watching football is one of the most sacred moments guys have left with their friends, but that moment is increasingly at risk.