Skateboard sculptures

Skateboard sculpture

Japanese artist Haroshi has found a new leash of life for old skateboards.

He makes sculptures by stacking many layers of skateboard decks. After stacking the skateboards are cut, shaven and polished into sculptures. This style is similar to they way traditional Japanese Great Buddhas are made.

Skateboard sculpture - Hands

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Gorilla coat hanger sculpture

gorilla coat hanger sculpture

Yep, I found another strangely made sculpture. This time it’s a Gorilla statue made out of hundreds of recycled coat hangers that made me go tjongolongo! The sculpture was made by artist David Mach. The Gorilla wasn’t the only sculpture made by the artist, he also created an Astronaut and a couple of other statues.

35,000 staples create one piece of art

staples art

French artist Baptiste Ddebombourg has created this amazing piece of art. He has used 35,000 actual staples to create this. Tjongolongo, I wonder how many hours it took him to do this! It looks amazing, the things people can do with staples. It’s a nice display for staples manufacturers, perhaps some nice creative marketing and communications activities can be created by using this piece of art as inspiration.

Curtain made out of slides

kodachrome curtain

I came across this cool looking curtain put together by loads of Kodachrome slides. The curtain really made me go Tjongolongo! I think this is a very cool and creative way of using up old slides like this. If you own a photo shop it would make for a nice window display as well. A nice bit of marketing.

Human shaped bed

humand shaped bed

And when I say human shaped bed, I actually mean a bed shaped as a human! I came across this picture of a human shaped bed last month and it immediately made me go Tjongolongo and got me intrigued, why on earth somebody would make something like this! It turns out the bed was made by British artist Dominic Wilcox. According to his website he works within the territory of ‘everyday’. He takes everyday objects and creates something with a little bit of dry humor and adds a new perspective to those everyday objects.

When Social Media meets art

social media, art, david hoang

That’s when you a get an exhibition of phrases said on Twitter that are made into drawings. The artist that does all this is David Hoang a non chocolate liking artist who describes himself as two parts cultural ecologist, one part DJ. When he looks at the phrases said in a Tweet he is inspired to draw a picture.