Guy gets train logo tattooed for free tickets

train logo tattoo

Yep, I found a follow-up tattoo news item to the ‘guy gets glasses tattooed on his face’ story that made me go tjongolongo! Australian Grant Burton has had the logo of a train company tattooed on his back for his parents. He wanted to give his parents something special for their 40th wedding anniversary. The only problem was the fact that he is unemployed, which meant he didn’t have much cash.

‘Color Picker’ – a pen that picks the colour of objects

color picker

A pen that can pick the colour of an object just by placing the pen on the object and pressing the scan button, that’s the ‘Color Picker’. Tjongolongo, how cool is that? I came across this concept and was immediately intrigued. Designer Jinsun Park has created this innovative design of a concept pen that can scan colours from any object and immediately picks the colour of the object for drawing.

Apple iPad – the tablet that made me go tjongolongo!

apple ipad

Well, it’s official, Apple has launched its latest project, the iPad. The iPad is a new tablet created by Apple, it was rumoured to be an iPhone on steroids and well, it sure looks like it is! There was no way around it today, everywhere I looked online today, I saw iPad, iPad, iPad. Even flicking through a few channels on the television I came across news about Apple’s latest piece of technology.

Seven-year-old raises over £100,000 for Haiti

Seven-year-old raises over £100,000 for Haiti

A seven-year-old boy in the UK has raised more than £100,000 for Haiti by riding a couple of laps on his bike. The boy, Charlie Simpson, was so upset after seeing the devastation caused by the earthquake that he told his mother that he wanted to do something for the survivors. He decided to try and raise £500 for Unicef’s Haiti appeal by riding his bike 5 miles around his local park.

Chocolate shoes – what more could a girl want?!

chocolate shoes

What girl wouldn’t love a pair of chocolate stilettos! A cake maker in the UK has created a very cool collection of chocolate shoes.

The cake maker, Frances Cooley, found the shoe mould in Belgium and decide to develop her own collection by hand. As you can imagine the shoes are a hit, it’s a perfect gift for women, chocolate and a stiletto all in one! Not only does she make the shoes, she also creates chocolate handbags. tjongologo, how cool is that!

Dinner plate that complains when you eat too fast

dinner plate that complains when you eat too fast

Swedish scientist have developed a dinner plate that will actually speak to you when you’re eating too fast. The Mandometer is an electronic scal which will fit under a plate and has a separate small screen. The food is weighed before you start eating. As you start to eat you will be able to see on the screen how fast you’re eating. If you’re eating too fast the plate will tell you to slow down.

Soft drink powered mobile phone

soft drink powered phone

Designer Daizi Zheng has designed a mobile phone of which the battery can be powered by a soft drink. Tjongolongo, how cool is that! She designed the phone battery for Nokia. According to her site, the concept is based on the idea to create a pollution free environment by using bio-batteries as an alternative to conventional batteries.

Guy gets glasses tattooed on his face

guy gets glasses tattooed on his face

I came across an article and video about this guy, Matthew, getting Ray-Bans tattooed on his face. Tjongolongo, how weird is that. As you can imagine, the video has become viral lately. Tjongolongo, how on earth could you get someone to do something as ridiculous as this. I hope he got some good money out of it, but still, no amount of money could be worth glasses tattooed on your face could it?

Lego iPhone app, hit, miss or maybe?

lego iphone app

Lego recently released an official application for iPhone. The application turns photos into a Lego mosaic, that’s it. Nothing more, nothing less. I wonder how many fans this application will get. I mean it is a nice and fun application, but personally, when I think of Lego, I think of building things with Lego bricks.

No Pants! Subway Ride 2010 goes around the world and viral in one day

no pants subway ride 2010, improv everywhere

very year in January Improv Everywhere stages the No Pants! Subway Ride in New York City. This year the ninth ride took place on January 10, 2010. Next to organising it in New York City the organisation also encourages people in other cities around the world to stage their own ride on the same day. The idea is simple, get a bunch of people, or as Improv Everywhere calls them ‘undercover agents’ to ride the subway without any pants on!