Tweeting and Facebooking at the altar going a bit too far?

tweeting at the altar

Tjongolongo, I spotted this video on YouTube and saw that it’s currently in the top 10 of viral videos. I can imagine why, you don’t often see the groom first changing his Facebook status to married after the minister pronounced him married before even kissing his bride! He even gave his new wife her mobile phone to update her status as well. he even managed to squeeze in some time to update his Twitter account.

A clock that’s being redrawn by hand every minute

clock redrawn by hand

Tjongolongo, I just saw a video of the coolest clock ever! Every minute a guy is erasing and redrawing the minute hand. It looks really weird, you would think that there’s a person on the other side of the clock, but there isn’t. It’s actually an LED screen with a looping video of a guy manually redrawing the minute hand.

Happiness Hat – The hat that can make you smile, or else…

hapiness hat

Yes, they actually created a hat that can make you smile. How does it work? If you don’t smile, you get stabbed in the back of your head, tjongolongo… Okay, I may be exaggerating a bit, but still, it’s a hat that pokes you in the back of your head when you stop smiling. Or as it’s described on the site of the maker, Lauren Mccarthy: “A wearable conditioning device that detects if you’re smiling and provides pain feedback if you’re not. Frowning creates intense pain but a full smile leaves you pain free!”

Gorgeous Gummi Bear Chandelier. Yummy!

gummi bear chandelier

This chandelier made out of many gummi bear sweets is part of a project by Ya Ya Chou. According to her website Ya Ya Chou decided to “explore the relationship between food consumption and class” and one of the things that came out of that was the chandelier. Tjongolongo, what will they think of next! Well… apparently, a rug made out of gummi bears is also something she came up with!

How to market coffins? Create a sexy calendar!

Sexy, Coffin, Calendar

That is exactly what Italian coffin firm Cofanifunebri did. They took a few sexy dressed girls some coffins, booked a church and held a photoshoot! Checking their site you can see that this is not something new for them, they have been doing this for a few years now. They also have t-shirts, key chains and more, most of it with a morbid kind of humor like ‘got formaldehyde?’.

I tweet dead people…

twitter seance, tweance

Well, I don’t and am not going to, but apparently if you’re on Twitter, you can! On 30 October (Happy Halloween!) an online séance or as it’s called on Twitter, a Tweance…, will be held. According to the Sun, during this session the Twitterers can talk to deceased stars. Twitterers can nominate stars and four of them will be quizzed by psychic Jayne Wallace.