Stickybits: How a barcode becomes a very cool online message board


What if walls could talk? Stickybits is an app for the iPhone and Android that lets you scan any barcode and attach a message to it. You can stick that barcode on the wall, in a book, in the toilet of your favourite club, on a bench in the park, or wherever you like.

Granny DJ rocks the clubs in Paris

Granny DJ

British DJ Ruth Flowers is a 69 year-old grandmother that is currently spinning her tunes in Paris nightclubs. She first came across the club scene after going to her grandson’s birthday party. She said: “I went along quite late and the gentlemen at the door said, ‘I don’t think you want to go in there, Madame’. And I said, ‘Well I rather think I do’,” she said.

Britain’s weirdest names

weird baby names

Whilst searching for a nice marketing example for my last article during my marketing week I got came across an article about baby names in Britain. has done a survey on the most bizarre names in Britain today. Names they found included: Stan Still, Mary Christmas, Paige Turner, Chris Cross, Barry Cade, Sonny Day, Rose Bush, Pearl Button and Hazel Nutt

Gorilla coat hanger sculpture

gorilla coat hanger sculpture

Yep, I found another strangely made sculpture. This time it’s a Gorilla statue made out of hundreds of recycled coat hangers that made me go tjongolongo! The sculpture was made by artist David Mach. The Gorilla wasn’t the only sculpture made by the artist, he also created an Astronaut and a couple of other statues.

35,000 staples create one piece of art

staples art

French artist Baptiste Ddebombourg has created this amazing piece of art. He has used 35,000 actual staples to create this. Tjongolongo, I wonder how many hours it took him to do this! It looks amazing, the things people can do with staples. It’s a nice display for staples manufacturers, perhaps some nice creative marketing and communications activities can be created by using this piece of art as inspiration.

Idiot-proof airplane

idiot-proof airplane

An airline has decorated one of its planes as an idiot’s guide to aviation. It’s written on the plane where the captain is located and where the front door is etc. Not only have they labeled all things, they even included some funny remarks. They even have directions to the toilet saying ‘mile-high initiation chamber’. Tjongolongo, how funny would it be to see this plane in real life!

Weirdest and coolest ad of 2009

woman in suitcase, human trafficking

I came across this photo of a woman in a transparent suitcase. It is an ad by Amnesty International to increase awareness to stop human trafficking. They’ve taken ‘human trafficking’ quite literal and actually put a woman in a suitcase and put her on a baggage carousel at a German airport. They added stickers on the suitcase stating ‘stop human trafficking’.

Machine that turns office paper into toilet rolls

office paper to toilet paper

A Japanese company, Oriental, has created a machine that can actually turn waste office paper into rolls of toilet paper. The machine will shred the waste office paper, mixes it with water and pulps it. After turning the paper in to pulp the machine will flatten it and dry it before making rolls of toilet paper out of it. How weird is that?