Stickybits: How a barcode becomes a very cool online message board


What if walls could talk? Stickybits is an app for the iPhone and Android that lets you scan any barcode and attach a message to it. You can stick that barcode on the wall, in a book, in the toilet of your favourite club, on a bench in the park, or wherever you like.

What will Google TV be?

Google TV

Last week everybody was all excited about Google TV. I saw many sites announcing this new and exciting Google project and even heard about it on TV and the radio. At first I thought, Tjongolongo, how cool is that but than I realised that the one place I didn’t hear anything from was Google itself.

Heineken tricks football fans into visiting a classical music concert

Heineken beer cans

Imagine that on the day of the big match of your favourite sport you have been talked into going to a classical music concert instead. That’s exactly what happened in Italy for many football (aka soccer if you’re from the US) fans. Watching football is one of the most sacred moments guys have left with their friends, but that moment is increasingly at risk.

What to do when you’re the most miserable city in America?

most miserable city in the us

Since this is my ‘What is Marketing’ week I thought a sample of a good marketing campaign would be nice. Forbes recently ranked Cleveland as the most miserable city in America. Positively Cleveland, Cleveland’s Tourism Board, didn’t like this and got a bunch of improv people together and created a funny marketing campaign. According to Tami Brown, Positively Cleveland’s vice president of marketing, the day the article came out they started working on a video to counteract Forbes’ statement.

No Pants! Subway Ride 2010 goes around the world and viral in one day

no pants subway ride 2010, improv everywhere

very year in January Improv Everywhere stages the No Pants! Subway Ride in New York City. This year the ninth ride took place on January 10, 2010. Next to organising it in New York City the organisation also encourages people in other cities around the world to stage their own ride on the same day. The idea is simple, get a bunch of people, or as Improv Everywhere calls them ‘undercover agents’ to ride the subway without any pants on!

UK to be hypnotised using Twitter and Facebook

social media hypnosis

A British hypnotist is set to cast a spell over the internet for a mass online hypnosis session. The hypnotist, Chris Hughes, will try to set a world record casting the largest mass online hypnosis session. He will try to stick his followers’ hands together and leave them unable to open their eyes. Not only people from the UK, but people all over the world have signed up to be hypnotised.