A tjongolongo moment

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This week I’ll be posting two of my tjongolongo posts again. As I said in my previous post about my new website I will be changing around things content wise, which means, more serious posts, but I will not be stopping with my tjongolongo posts.

I have even created a separate page for some of the videos that I come across that make me go tjongolongo?!

For the last two weeks I had a video on there about a kid dancing to low.

Now I’ve got a video about the US army boys in Afghanistan doing a remake of Lady Gaga’s Telephone song. Their remake made me go tjongolongo?!

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Tjongolongo has moved! version 1.1. is now active

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Start changing your bookmarks ’cause tjongolongo has moved to its own domain tjongolongo.com. As of today I will stop posting on the old site (tjongolongo.blogspot.com) and will only be posting on tjongolongo.com.

After blogging for about 6 months now I have decided to move away from the free Blogger platform and start blogging on my own hosted domain. After a lot of research and asking around I have chosen WordPress as the platform to use for my blog.

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Top 5 mashups of 2009

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I love music and really like good mashups. It had been a while since I listened to some mashups so I decided to browse for some. I came across a lot of bad ones and some good ones that made me go Tjongolongo! I hope the artists themselves are also looking at what others are creating with their music, would be nice to see some real mashups, like Jay-Z and Linkin Park did creating an entire album with mashups.

Getting back to the basics of my blogging

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It’s been about 2 weeks now since I started my blog and looking back at what I posted I feel a back to basics plan is in order.

I started out with a personal story about something that made me go Tjongolongo and afterwards got all caught up in all kind of weird and cool news. I do like that stuff and will keep posting it, but just posting news items like that wasn’t the main reason to start blogging for me.

My top 5 songs

music note, top 5 songs

As you might have noticed from my previous posts. I love music and whatever I’m doing I can always think of a song. I almost never leave home without my iPod and am always looking for new songs to listen to. I always listen to loads of music but with iTunes I am now confronted with the statistics of the songs I listen to.