Soft drink powered mobile phone

soft drink powered phone

Designer Daizi Zheng has designed a mobile phone of which the battery can be powered by a soft drink. Tjongolongo, how cool is that! She designed the phone battery for Nokia. According to her site, the concept is based on the idea to create a pollution free environment by using bio-batteries as an alternative to conventional batteries.

Lego iPhone app, hit, miss or maybe?

lego iphone app

Lego recently released an official application for iPhone. The application turns photos into a Lego mosaic, that’s it. Nothing more, nothing less. I wonder how many fans this application will get. I mean it is a nice and fun application, but personally, when I think of Lego, I think of building things with Lego bricks.

Human shaped bed

humand shaped bed

And when I say human shaped bed, I actually mean a bed shaped as a human! I came across this picture of a human shaped bed last month and it immediately made me go Tjongolongo and got me intrigued, why on earth somebody would make something like this! It turns out the bed was made by British artist Dominic Wilcox. According to his website he works within the territory of ‘everyday’. He takes everyday objects and creates something with a little bit of dry humor and adds a new perspective to those everyday objects.

A garbage can as a toilet?

pee-lie bin

A Swiss designer has created the ‘Pee-lie Bin’ a wheelie bin that doubles as a public toilet. Tjongolongo, how weird is that! The Swiss designer, Stephan Bischof decided to transform the traditional British wheelie bin as a solution to the growing problem of public urination in the UK city centre streets. Tests have even showed that people (mostly drunk ones…go figure…) were fine with peeing in the converted wheelie bins.

Top 5 mashups of 2009

music note, top 5 songs

I love music and really like good mashups. It had been a while since I listened to some mashups so I decided to browse for some. I came across a lot of bad ones and some good ones that made me go Tjongolongo! I hope the artists themselves are also looking at what others are creating with their music, would be nice to see some real mashups, like Jay-Z and Linkin Park did creating an entire album with mashups.

Snore-Chestra snores Silent Night

helps stop snoring

Christmas is here so it’s only fair that I write about a Christmas inspired tjongolongo moment. Awhile ago I read an article on Newslite about a group of musicians that rounded up snorers from around the UK to record a song. The musicians used the snorers snoring sounds to create the song. The end result is a very weird rendition of Silent Night.

Need to light up a room? Put on this dress with 24,000 LED lights!

I actually came across this dress a while back and it made me go tjongolongo immediately, but I never got around to write about it till now. The Galaxy Dress, as it’s called, contains 24,000 LED lights and 4,000 Swarovski crystals which have been embroidered on the dress. The makers of the dress, CuteCircuit, say … Read moreNeed to light up a room? Put on this dress with 24,000 LED lights!

Interesting Marketing Experiment by Blu Dot

Blu Dot, chair, experiment, furniture, Marketing, New York

Ever wondered who picks up furniture from the street? Furniture design company Blu Dot came up with a ‘real good’ experiment to find out. The company left 25 of its ‘Real Good’ Metal chairs around New York City last month. Hoping ofcourse that New Yorkers would pick up the chair and take it home with them.

Find your look-a-like on Facebook

facial profiler, coca-cola, coke zero, facebook

Coca-Cola has launched the Coke Zero Facial Profiler. It’s a worldwide social experiment to find people who look just like you, your identical twin! You can sign up to the application with your Facebook account and the profiler will scan your photos and compare them with others that have signed up. After comparing, out comes a match and you should be looking at your look-a-like or long lost twin!