Puma creates ‘Clever Little Bag’ a revolutionary take on the shoebox

Puma, eco-friendly, shoebox, bag

Puma, one of the world’s leading sportlifestyle companies has designed an eco-friendly ‘clever little’ bag’.

They will stop using their traditional box and start selling their trainers in these new eco-friendly bags. According to their site their new packaging and distribution system will save more than 60% of paper and water annually. They will start using the new bag next year.

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Romeo and Juliet 2010: Such Tweet Sorrow

Such Tweet Sorrow, Romeon and Juliet, Twitter

As of today the Royal Shakespeare Company is retelling the story of Romeo and Juliet. According to the Guardian the entire tweeting experience will take five weeks and approximately 4,000 tweets.

The Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) has teamed up with cross-platform production firm Mudlark to launch Such Tweet Sorrow. A drama, told in real-time based on Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.

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Stickybits: How a barcode becomes a very cool online message board


What if walls could talk? Stickybits is an app for the iPhone and Android that lets you scan any barcode and attach a message to it. You can stick that barcode on the wall, in a book, in the toilet of your favourite club, on a bench in the park, or wherever you like.