Google New York office has scooters, slides and more!

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In Google’s New York office there is room for both work and play! Everybody knows that Google has fun offices, I knew, but I’ve never seen the one in New York before. Last week Business Insider visited the New York office and took some photos. The photos made me go tjongolongo! They’ve got lounge chairs, graffiti on the walls, Lego, retro game computers, the ultimate snack machine and more!

4 things companies can learn from the movie Fame (2009)

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I went to see the movie Fame this weekend. I hadn’t heard any reviews yet, but I saw the original Fame movie as well as seen the TV series. I thought the trailer was great, so I was really looking forward to the movie. I went to the movie with a couple of friends, we sat through the 90mins and when it ended all I could think was ‘okay, is that it? – tjongolongo, what a disaster!’ It was one of the worst movies I’d seen in awhile. However, behind ever disaster is a lesson to be learned.

How to make recycling fun?

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The people over at the have done it again. After last month’s World’s Deepest Bin and the Piano Staircase, they have now come up with the Bottle Bank Arcade Machine. They noticed that fewer people are recycling glass nowadays. To make it more fun for people to recycle their glass they decided to make a game out of it.

Are you practicing Popeye Marketing? Stop it!

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Is it just me or is implementing and adhering to a long-term strategy no longer acceptable? These days if you’re in the Marketing Communications business too many people expect you to perform Popeye Marketing. They want something and they expect you to eat some spinach and get it for them right then and there, tjongolongo. The thing they are forgetting though, is that Popeye has to keep eating spinach every time he gets into trouble, it doesn’t last. That’s no way for a strategy to work.

Grocery Store Musical and more viral videos

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The people of Improv Everywhere finally did it, they made a follow up to their Food Court Musical. For this mission the location was a grocery store, six undercover actors burst into song in a grocery store accompanied of course the necessary silly choreography. I am a real fan of Improv Everywhere, ever since I first saw the Food Court Musical and Frozen Grand Central. I think I’ve seen about all of their missions.

When Social Media meets art

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That’s when you a get an exhibition of phrases said on Twitter that are made into drawings. The artist that does all this is David Hoang a non chocolate liking artist who describes himself as two parts cultural ecologist, one part DJ. When he looks at the phrases said in a Tweet he is inspired to draw a picture.

Kellogg’s will laser-brand its cornflakes – one flake at a time

kellogg's, laser-branded flakes

Kellogg’s takes micro branding to the next level. According to the Kellogg’s UK press office,. Kelloggs has developed a high-tech method to stamp out imitation cereals – by branding Corn Flakes with the company logo. They are actually planning to brand its logo on individual flakes using lasers. They plan to produce some trial batches first to test the system.

Gorgeous Gummi Bear Chandelier. Yummy!

gummi bear chandelier

This chandelier made out of many gummi bear sweets is part of a project by Ya Ya Chou. According to her website Ya Ya Chou decided to “explore the relationship between food consumption and class” and one of the things that came out of that was the chandelier. Tjongolongo, what will they think of next! Well… apparently, a rug made out of gummi bears is also something she came up with!