How to fit 24 rooms in a 330 square feet apartment

Meet: The Domestic Transformer.

I came across a video of this very small (330 square ft) apartment. The owner of the place is the architect Gary Chang. He grew up in a tiny apartment himself which actually inspired him to create the flexible apartment.

The way it works looks actually pretty simple. By using sliding walls, fold-down tables and chairs he is able to transform his bedroom into a kitchen, his kitchen into a bathroom, his bathroom into a study and so on. In total, he can create 24 rooms in this small space!

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4 Social Media highlights of 2010

Now that we’ve reached the end of the year I started thinking about which Social Media moments pop-up while going over the past year.

1. Old Spice Guy – great brand engagement

This for me is number one. Simply because the Old Spice Guy campaign was such a viral success and there were a lot of failed and successful spoofs!

One of the things I really liked about this campaign was the timing. They created 186 video responses in such a short time frame, that is was almost a real-time response. Another thing I think was good (and is also something where a lot of campaigns fail at) is the fact that they found the right balance. The video responses were directed to anyone that tweeted him, from famous people like Ashton Kutcher to John Doe. He even had some advice for the US president.

This made his followers even more eager to engage with him and as a result with the brand Old Spice.

I think we will be seeing more of these fast paced campaigns in the future.

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He sees you when you’re tweeting – Santa on Twitter!

santa on twitter

He sees you when you’re tweeting, he knows when you retweet, he know’s when you don’t follow him, so follow back for goodness sake!

With all the preperation for Christmas I won’t be posting a long blog post this week. Instead I decide to give you a little Christmas warning. You better watch out, ’cause Santa is on Twitter!

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Why I don’t LOVE HootSuite anymore

Hootsuite icon

hootsuite logo

Ever since I discovered HootSuite, I started recommending it to anybody looking for a great Soclal Media management tool which could be shared by team members. I just loved the versatility and ease of use of the tool.

I especially used to recommend it to non-profit organizations that relied heavily on volunteers. HootSuite was the perfect tool for them to add volunteers as team members to their Social Media profile without having to share the main login details. And if a volunteer didn’t have time to be active on the Social Media platforms anymore they could easily remove that volunteer from the list.

I also loved the fact that you could add different social accounts (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, even a WordPress account!)

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Facebook Messages: A privacy nightmare or the future of messaging?

facebook, icon, logo

Last Monday Facebook announced a new messaging system. They say its a new evolution of Messages.

The new service combines SMS, chat, e-mail and Messages. You decide how you want to talk to your friends. Which ever form of communication you choose, it can all be managed from your Facebook account. You can decide from who you would like to receive information as well. If you don’t want someone to be able to sent you information you can just block them.

Facebook New Messaging System

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SuitSupply’s latest ‘Shameless’ campaign banned from Facebook

suitsupply, shameless, campaign

Dutch clothing company SuitSupply has launched yet another provocative campaign. This time they caused a stirr with its advertising campaign ‘Shameless’

And shameless it is indeed! The ads basically present a bunch of guys in nice suits doing all kind of shameless things to women.

SuitSupply provocative Shameless campaign

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How to give yourself a Social Media makeover for Halloween – 4 tips

social media, halloween

Whether or not Halloween is a local holiday in your country or not, if you’ve been on the world wide web lately you must’ve come across a lot of Halloween related Social Media stuff, I sure have.

For those of you celebrating Halloween this weekend, here are a few Social Media ideas for you to make your Halloween a social one!

1. Zombify yourself

First things first, change your profile pic on your Social Media sites. You can either put in your best Halloween picture ever, or go to and Zombify yourself!

Zombify Yourself, Social Media Halloween

Nothing tells your friends better that your ready for Halloween than a Halloween styled profile pic.

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What kind of pets would Google and Facebook be?

websites as pets, google, facebook, youtube, myspace

I’ve got a short blog post for you today. I came across these funny images the other day and I just had to share it with you!

What kind of pets would websites as Google, Facebook and YouTube be? That’s a question that the people over at College Humor asked themselves.

They came up with the following…

Google, dog, pet

Facebook, pet, parrot

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