Cheap Dutch retailer goes undercover at Amsterdam International Fashion Week

Two weeks ago Dutch retailer Zeeman stunned many fashion gurus by going undercover at Amsterdam International Fashion Week.

They created a fake brand called ‘Frank’ and put on a show at the fashion week. Before fashion week even started they already ‘teased’ everyone in the industry about this new and exciting brand. They basically did everything they could do to create rumor around the brand.

Before the show and during the show everyone was excited, so imagine the look on their faces when at the end of the show the cheap retailers yellow and blue logo ‘Zeeman’ was shown on the big screen!

zeeman amsterdam fashion week 2011

With this stunt Zeeman wanted to show everyone that ‘looking good doesn’t have to be expensive’. The brand is named after Swiss designer Frank Kungl who has created 6 designs that will be sold at Zeeman.

Check out the video to see the reactions (click CC for subtitles)

I think stunts like this are awesome. IKEA did a similar stunt with their furniture in 2006 at a housing fair. In fact, many in the Dutch advertising industry criticized the stunt and called it a rip-off. The agency that came up with the stunt denied that it ripped off the stunt though. Either way, I still think it’s a good stunt! It makes you think of the cheaper brands in a different way. Whether or not this is a strategic good move from Zeeman, I don’t know. There is a place and a market for cheap retailers like Zeeman. Why try to be chic when you’re good at being cheap?

What’s your take on this stunt?

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