What if Social Media were a High School?

Wherever you are, whatever high school you go to, you’ve got your stereotypes. The guys over at Flowtown are the creators of this cool graphic.
Twitter "The Gossip Girl" | Google 'The Prep"
In one of my other posts I already talked about their “Map of the world according to Social Media Networks” which was a cool graphic as well. This time they’ve focused on High School stereotypes like, the jock, the class president, the wannabe, the nerd, etc.
Just click on any of the images to view the full graphic with more stereotypes.
Facebook, 'the jock', Wikipedia, 'the nerd'
LinkedIn "The Class President', MySpace, "The Wannabe"
I’ve got to say I love this graphic! They’ve picked a nice variety of Social Media to stereotype. I hope they keep on making graphics like these 🙂
Do you think they’re missing a stereotype? If so, let me know in the comments