What happens when you take the name out of a logo?

You end up with half a logo. The Dorothy group has created a collection of paintings of iconic logos without the brand’s name in it. Or as they say on their website, strip the logos back to their basic graphic forms.





you tell me which logo this is


burger king

The collection contains logos from companies such as Coca-Cola, MasterCard, Levi’s, Kodak, Heineken and Burger King.

Dorothy is a collective of like-minded people working on unlike-minded ideas. I have to say that I like their unlike-minded ideas! And it seems I’m not the only one, according to their website this project has taken them by storm. They’ve received many request from people that would like to buy the artwork.

I personally really like this kind of stuff. If you have a logo for a product, company or whatever, just try and visualize it without the words. Will the logo still be recognizable?

By the way, is there anyone out there that recognizes the yellow flowery logo? Please let me know cause I’ve got no idea!


The yellow flowery logo is the Chupa Chups logo (lollipops). Thanks CostaRican91 for pointing this out!


Spotted @ Trendhunter