Social Media Buzz about the Royal Wedding

The Royal Wedding of William and Kate has taken the internet by storm. The Social Media Buzz around their wedding has been increasing the last few days.

Webtrends has been so kind to create a nice infographic based on stats gathered and analyzed by them about the Royal Wedding.

Infographic: The 'Buzz' about the Royal Wedding

According to Mashable, on Twitter and Facebook the term ‘Royal Wedding’ (#RoyalWedding) was the trending topic today. They also say that the wedding has broken live streaming records!

Google has also done a little extra for the special day. They’ve created a special Google Doodle.

A special Google Doodle for the Royal Wedding

And they’ve added a little bride and groom to Google Maps to replace the normal Street View man. Very cute!

Google Maps has a bride and groom

All and all there’s been quite a buzz going on about the Royal Wedding. Mostly from the UK and the US as you can see in the infographic. But I’m sure all over the world people are buzzing about the wedding whether they like it or not!

I wasn’t planning on writing about the wedding, but seeing all the buzz on Social Media, I couldn’t help not to!

Have you been buzzing about the Royal Wedding today?