A world without Google

a world without googleWhat if Google didn’t exists, what would the world look like? It’s hard to imagine, isn’t it?

Google is such a big part of our lifes now, it’s hard to picture life without it. Singlegrain has created an infographic that shows a timeline of all the features Google has released so far.

Looking at all the features they ask the question, what if there was no Google? What would life be lie, who would be the top dog?

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a world without Google

I think the infographic is very interesting and makes you think. At the moment, I can’t imagine life without Google. I do however know that in time, things can change, and who knows, maybe in 50 years we will all say, remember when Google was big?

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  1. You forgot about the most important part in Google business, which is search. If Google didn’t exist we would’ve been stuck with primitive search engines such as Yahoo or MSN or Altavista or probably something worse…


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