Old Spice Guy is back!

In case you’ve missed it, one of my favorite people of 2010 is back, Old Spice Guy! If you don’t know who I’m talking about, check out my post on him and the ‘ Smell Like a Man, Man’ campaign. Just one of the best Social Media campaigns of 2010!

Anyways, so it looks like Old Spicey is back!
In a short YouTube video the spicy hunk has announced that he has returned for a new campaign to, as he says ‘inform the people on this crazy blue marble that we call earth how they or their man can use Old Spice to smell as fresh as the freshest-smelling places on earth’.

In normal language, he’s going to tell us all about the latest Old Spice product.

Not only is a new campaign starting, but Old Spicey is also looking for his Super Fan.

The Super Fan will be given exclusive access to the new commercial and Old Spicey himself.

I’m glad to see Old Spice Guy is back. If he’ll be as huge a success as he was last year, probably not. That is, not if he just does the same trick, but I’m sure gonna love watching this new campaign! It hasn’t annoyed me yet!

What do you think of this new campaign, does it have chance?