American Idol fans can vote online via Facebook!

american idol voting via facebookThe US entertainment company, Fox, has announced that one of their hit shows ‘American Idol‘ will add online voting for the first time.

Users can use their Facebook accounts to vote on the contestants on a specific Idol voting page.

Accorinding to Entertainment Weekly, viewers and fans of the show that have a Facebook account will be able to vote for their favourite contestant 50 times.

The new online voting will not replace the normal vote via text messaging and toll-free phone calls.

I personally think this is a great development and one that’s long overdue!

It’ll be interesting to see what will happen once the online voting will start to commence. Will the online Idol voting page freeze for example?

One thing I would like to know is how the results will differ. Who’s the favourite contestant online, via text message or by phone? I wonder if there will be a difference in the result based on the type of people that use each platform. I don’t think we’ll find out though, it’ll all be added up to one winner. Still, I’d like to know 🙂

Now that American Idol is starting with online voting I’m sure other shows all over the world will follow quickly. According to Entertainment Weekly it’s already leaked that the US version of The X-Factor will also introduce Facebook voting next fall.

All in all, a very interesting development. What do you think of online voting?

Image: Mashable