A tweeting fridge, who needs it?

Samsung has created a refrigerator that allows people to tweet! And not only that, you can also use the fridge to find recipes on Epicurious, listen to music on Pandora and check your Google Calenadar.

My first thought, was, tjongolongo, who needs it? Than I thought about the recipes bit or the fact that you can create Memo’s and put them up on the display part of the fridge. Than I thought again, tjongolongo, who needs it?

I’m sure there’s somebody out there that would love to use one of these, but at this point in time, I don’t see the use of it for me personally. Perhaps in a couple of years, I can’t imagine life without a tweeting fridge, but for now my Macbook and phone are enough 🙂

What’s your take on the tweeting fridge? Take it? or just leave it?

Via: Mashable