How to fit 24 rooms in a 330 square feet apartment

Meet: The Domestic Transformer.

I came across a video of this very small (330 square ft) apartment. The owner of the place is the architect Gary Chang. He grew up in a tiny apartment himself which actually inspired him to create the flexible apartment.

The way it works looks actually pretty simple. By using sliding walls, fold-down tables and chairs he is able to transform his bedroom into a kitchen, his kitchen into a bathroom, his bathroom into a study and so on. In total, he can create 24 rooms in this small space!

The apartment isn’t that new though, after a little research on the web (aka google) I saw that the NY times have also written about this apartment in 2009 already. How could I have missed it!

New or not, I think it’s amazing! And this video could’t have come at a better time. I recently realized that it’s been a while since I wrote about some cool design or fashion trends. Probably because I haven’t really spotted one I liked.

As you can tell from my earlier posts I don’t only like to write about Marketing, Communications, Branding and Social Media, but also about other things that make me go tjongolongo, mostly design stuff 🙂

And for me, when I saw the video from this apartment, I immediately went tjongolongo?!!

Now if only he could also make a remote control for the sliding walls part…. That would make it perfect for a lazy girl like me living in a tiny apartment as well!

If apartments like this could be reproduced at an affordable price, I’m sure there are many people out there willing to try it out! I would love to do the marketing campaign for a product like that! (mostly to see if I could get a discount of-course, but it would have to include a remote, I can’t see myself sliding walls just to go from chilling on the couch to getting a drink in the kitchen to going to the bathroom…)

What do you think of the apartment? Do you think there’s a market out there?

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