Why I don’t LOVE HootSuite anymore

hootsuite logo

Ever since I discovered HootSuite, I started recommending it to anybody looking for a great Soclal Media management tool which could be shared by team members. I just loved the versatility and ease of use of the tool.

I especially used to recommend it to non-profit organizations that relied heavily on volunteers. HootSuite was the perfect tool for them to add volunteers as team members to their Social Media profile without having to share the main login details. And if a volunteer didn’t have time to be active on the Social Media platforms anymore they could easily remove that volunteer from the list.

I also loved the fact that you could add different social accounts (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, even a WordPress account!)

From free to paid plans

Last August HootSuite announced that they were going to limit their free plan and introduce a couple of paid plans. The new paid packages currently start at $5.99/month. For the cheapest package ($5.99/month) allows 1 free team member. Additional team members are available starting at $15 ea./month.

So much for recommending HootSuite to non-profit organizations…

From Hootsuite to CoTweet

cotweet logo

I have started recommending CoTweet instead for managing Twitter accounts. With CoTweet not for profit organizations can still add a couple of volunteers as team members to their account for free. The downside to CoTweet that it’s only for Twitter, even if you start using their paid enterprise edition you can only add Facebook.

From love to like

I do still love HootSuite for personal use though. It’s still my management tool of choice when it comes to managing my social accounts online. But when it comes to recommending it to non-profit organizations, I only like the tool, not love it anymore. If only they didn’t strip down the team collaboration function, that’s what made me go from love to like and looking at other alternatives. At $5.99/month for one team member and adding $15 ea./month for additional team members, it’s just too much for organizations that are almost fully run by volunteers and need to check every penny before it’s spend.

HootSuite alternatives

Maybe I have been looking in the wrong places, but I personally haven’t found a good free alternative to HootSuite yet that comes with a team collaboration option. CoTweet comes close, but like I said, it’s only for Twitter accounts, so that means you’ll still have to login to Facebook etc. separately.

Do you know of a good free alternative for HootSuite that allows team collaboration? Please let me know in the commments!