Yet another Old Spice spoof

In case you missed it, you probably haven’t been online for the last few months, but the Old Spice Guy ‘The Man Your Man Could Smell Like’ campaign is one of the most successful online viral campaigns to date.

With great success comes multiple parodies. That’s exactly what happened with the Old Spice campaign. After the campaign became such a success the parodies kept popping up.

One of the first parodies I saw was a failed one by Cisco. Since that one, many more have popped up. Since I keep seeing more and more of the Old Spice related videos pop-up I decide to share the two latest ones with you.

Sesame Street: Smell Like a Monster
Grover takes on the role of old Spice Guy in this funny spoof. ‘ I’m on a horse… cow…

Old Spice: Will It Blend?
Blendtec decided to blend a bottle of Old Spice. ‘ Old Spice bottle left hand catch!

I have to say, I like both of these videos much better than the Cisco one. I mean, who doesn’t love Sesame Street! One of the reason I always like Sesame Street and the Muppets for that matter is because they always use spoofs and celebrities in their shows. It makes it fun for the adults to watch as well!

It’s a shame that Blendtec didn’t use Mustafa, the original ‘ Old Spice Guy’, that would’ve been really funny. But I have to say, I like ‘ Blendtec Old Spice Guy’ as well. He did a really nice job.

I don’t believe these are the last of the Old Spice Guy parodies we’ll see. Personally, I don’t mind a good spoof, I’d say, keep them coming! Nothing can beat the real thing though.

What do you think of all the spoofs? Tired of hearing ‘Look at yourself, now back to me, now back at yourself, now back to me’ yet?