How to give yourself a Social Media makeover for Halloween – 4 tips

Whether or not Halloween is a local holiday in your country or not, if you’ve been on the world wide web lately you must’ve come across a lot of Halloween related Social Media stuff, I sure have.

For those of you celebrating Halloween this weekend, here are a few Social Media ideas for you to make your Halloween a social one!

1. Zombify yourself

First things first, change your profile pic on your Social Media sites. You can either put in your best Halloween picture ever, or go to and Zombify yourself!

Zombify Yourself, Social Media Halloween

Nothing tells your friends better that your ready for Halloween than a Halloween styled profile pic.

2. Own a website? Change your Social Media icons

Every website has Social Media icons, or badges that you can click on to go to either their YouTube page, Twitter or RSS feed. Why not change your icons to Halloween styled icons?

Social Media Halloween Icons

There are many free Halloween Social Media icons around. There must be one that suits your style.

3. Start carving Social Media pumpkins

What’s a Halloween without pumpkins? Exactly, you can’t celebrate Halloween without one. Why not carve a Social Media character out of a pumpkin. There’s enough inspiration on the web for Social Media pumpkins. I personally really like the Twitter Fail Whale pumpkin!

Twitter Fail Whale Pumpkin, Social Media Halloween

4. Get in your Social Media Halloween costume

To top off a great Social Media Halloween would be a Social Media Halloween costume. No matter how many versions have been made already, I really do like the Facebook Halloween costume. It’s recognizable and a nice conversation starter!

Facebook Halloween Costume, Social Media Halloween

There are of course many other Social Media Halloween costumes you can try as well. Why not go as a Halloween YouTube video or Twitter bird?

These tips should get you Social Media ready for Halloween!