Disney embraces Social Media to create Disney Memories

Walt Disney Parks and Resorts started a new campaign that focuses on all the fun memories people have of their visit to Disney World or Disneyland.

Disney Parks - Let the Memories BeginWhat’s so interesting about this campaign is that Disney has used content from it’s visitors. They have used photos and videos that users submitted to use in their latest advertising campaign.

With this campaign Disney hope’s to remind people of the good times they’ve had when visiting one of the Disney theme parks.

Next to using television ads and advertisements Disney has embraced Social Media and is currently asking users to submit their own memories online using YouTube, Facebook, MySpace and their own website, DisneyParks.com/Memories.

All of the online sites are totally in sync with the whole campaign. Each site starts with the same intro etc. I think Disney has done a really nice job getting all of this together. I only wished I found button to turn the music off sooner than I did. When you have the site open for a few minutes to get a cup of tea or something the sound gets really annoying at one point…

But that’s besides the point really…

Personally, I think Disney is very smart by asking users to submit their own Disney Memories. These days it’s all about engaging and connecting with your audience. What a better way to do that than actually including your audience in your campaign! And if done properly it’ll make them think ‘ We should go back there soon’ ! And that’s the best ROI you can have, getting people to come back to your product because they want to.

What do you think of Disney’s new campaign?

Via: Mashable