Update Facebook while driving

Update Facebook and drive with OnStarFacebook addicts listen up! General Motors has a new feature in OnStar its in-vehicle communication service.

As of this month you can subcribe to OnStar and have your text messages and Facebook updates read to you while you are driving. You will even be able to text and update your Facebook using voice commands.

An offical advertising campaign should be starting mid September.

With OnStar you can text and driveGoing into Social Media is quite new for OnStar. It started out as a roadside assistance and communication service. It needed a revamp though, so the people over at General Motors decided to take the Social Media route.

I’m quite interested to see what will happen. I don’t really know what to think of this new service though. On the one hand I don’t really see the need of having Facebook updates read to me while I’m driving. I have to say I’m really not into talking on the phone or texting while driving, so I wouldn’t be a good candidate anyway. I’d rather just drive and listen to music rather than focus on a conversation. So I always try to keep my phoning in the car to a minimum.

On the other hand, having text messages read out loud, especially if I’m on my way meeting someone who might be calling, could come in handy. I do see how that can be a useful development.

Either way, I’m sure that there are people that will be using the Facebook connection. It’s a good test case for further developments. I’ve read that they’re also working with Google on its smart phone apps. Who know’s maybe they’ll develop the partnership and figure out a way to have your urgent e-mails read out loud to you while driving.

All things that can be interesting.

I can see the use of the technology, whether or not it’s Facebook you use the technolgy for is debatable…

What do you think of this new service? Would you use it?

Via: Freep.com