Mobile Phone Dress. A Little black dress and mobile phone all-in-one

London-based fashion company CuteCircuit has designed the M-Dress (Mobile Phone Dress), a little black dress that doubles as a mobile phone and lets wearers make and receive calls.

m-dress, mobile phone dress, cellphone dressAll they have to do is slip their sim card under the label and they’re set to make calls. The dress is rigged up with gesture recognition software which allows users to pick up a call by raising their hand to their ear. When finished with the phone call users can just drop their hand down again and the call will end.

According to the CuteCircuit website, they designed the dress after research showed that ‘very often calls are missed because mobile phones are quite awkward to carry, especially for women, that have garments with small or no pockets.’

To make sure women can say both connected as well as stylish, they designed the M-Dress.

Personally, I do really like the idea of a mobile phone dress. I also never know where to keep my phone. I usually end up taking a bigger purse with me, which is sometimes really irritating to take with you when going out.

I’m quite interested to see what the future holds for clothing like this. I’m sure this isn’t the first and won’t be the last piece of integrated clothing to be designed.

I’m also quite curious to see the M-Dress in real life. Wouldn’t mind trying it out myself, I could use a new little black dress 🙂

What do you think of the dress? Has it got potential?

Via: Mashable