How one iPhone app boosted sales for a hot dog truck

Looking for a quick and easy way to accept credit card payments from a mobile phone? Check out Square, an iPhone app that does just that.Square: Accept payments everywhere

I came across an interesting video today on CNN Money. It was about a hot dog truck owner that decided to use Square, an iPhone app that enables it’s users to accept card payments anywhere.

Basically what it is is an app on your phone and a very small card reader that plugs into the headphone jack of your phone. You can than type in the amount you want to charge, swipe the card, have the person sign for it (with their finger) on the phone and that’s it. You can even take a picture of the product you’re selling as well as email a receipt to the client.

In the video the owner of the hot dog truck mentioned that people even just like to come and buy a hot dog, just to pay it through the iPhone app. She says that her sales increased by about 12% since she started using the Square app.

Check out the video below to see how the app is used at the hot dog truck.

Square started out as an app for the iPhone, but I’ve read that it’s available for Android now as well.

I think Square is a very interesting app especially for small business owners on the move like the hot dog truck. For people selling at car boot sales this app could come in handy as well.

Marketing wise this can be an interesting thing to mention if you’re using it. If you’re offering your customers a way to pay by card as well as cash you’re increasing your target audience.

I do hope that they will develop the app further. In the Netherlands and other countries in Europe people are more used paying with pin and chip, which in my opinion is a far better way to pay than by credit card. If they can make the app work for pin and chip, I think it’ll have the potential to be a worldwide success.

What’s your take on the Square app?

Via: CNNMoney