Map of the world according to Social Media Networks

The people of marketing firm Flowtown created a new world map called “2010 Social Networking Map“.
The map was inspired by XKCD’s “Map of Online Communities” an image that went viral for awhile.
I like the fact that they’ve taken the image all the way, including names of the oceans and naming MySpace and Wikipedia ‘ Former Kingdom of MySpace’  and ‘United Territories of Wikimedia’. Google ofcourse is called ‘ Empire of Google’. Tjongolongo! How fun is that!
Social Network Map 2010, XKCD inspired
I think they’ve covered just about all of Social Media that’s around in the  U.S. at the moment.
I would love to see what the world map would look like if they also took into account the country specific Social Media Communities. For instance, in the Netherlands there are over 10 million people member of Hyves (similar to Facebook), the biggest Social Community in the Netherlands.
What would you like to see in the Social Networking Map?