Old Spice Guy – Best social media campaign to date

If you haven’t seen ‘him’ yet, I suggest you do so now. Old Spice guy was the man to see around on the internet lately. He certainly made me go tjongolongo!

The Old Spice Man is a social media marketing campaign created for Old Spice by ad agency Wieden + Kennedy and stars actor Isaiah Mustafa.

Old Spice: The Man Your Man Could Smell Like

The successful social media campaign started with a commercial and ended up engaging the majority of the people on the internet.

All of that for simply promoting a deodorant.

5 things marketers can learn from the Old Spice Man campaign

1. It’s all about the branding

One of the things they did very well in the videos was making sure that the entire video ‘felt’ like Old Spice. From day one it was all about this manly man your man could smell like. The product itself wasn’t shoved in your face all the time. It was just there and the rest just made the whole thing an Old Spice video. And Isaiah became ‘the’ Old Spice Man.

2. Timing is everything

To me, the key to its success was the amazing speed in which Old Spice Guy replied to its followers on Facebook and Twitter. And when I say reply, I don’t mean he typed something, no he made a high quality video reply to many of his followers.

3. Find the right balance

Another key factor was the balance there was between answering famous people as well as non famous people. He replied to everyone from Ashton Kutcher to John Doe. Hell, he even helped a guy propose to his girlfriend!

By engaging with important people in various communities as well as celebrities they created a buzz around the Old Spice Man.

4. Speak the right language

One of the things I really liked about the viral videos was the fact that Old Spice Man always spoke in his cool manly way, but also managed to insert personal things about the follower or funny internet things. One of the videos I loved most was a video to Isaiah’s daughter in which you can definitely hear some of the actors personal information as well. I think that was a nice touch.

5. Know when to stop

From what I can tell by the Old Spice Guy’s latests video is that the campaign has come to an end. Or as he says, ‘like all great things, this too must end’. If indeed they stop now, I don’t think that’s such a bad idea. The worst thing you can do in a successful situation like this is milk it and than blow it all in the end. Stopping at it’s peak, might just be the best decision.

One thing I would like to know is what the ROI will be on the campaign, will Old Spice sell more spice?

I will miss Mr. Old Spice though. I would’ve loved to ask him ‘What’s the best advice you could give me (to improve my blog)?’
I’ll just have to watch all the video responses he has made so far.

What would you ask Old Spice Guy?

Via: Mashable & W+K Portland