Puzzled lady calls tech support to remove Google Pac-Man

I came across this very stupid and very sweet phone call from a woman that just can’t seem to get rid of the Pac-Man game on her homepage. Just listening to the call made me go tjongolongo?!

Old lady, Google, Pacman

The old lady calls up tech support because she isn’t able to study with the Pac-Man game on. The tech guy tries to explain to her that the game will go away the next day and all she has to do is close the tab. Unfortunately this doesn’t help, she has no clue what he’s talking about and him mentioning Firefox just has her puzzled.

It may take 5 minutes, but the techie eventually manages to help the old lady to close the tab. Check out the video below for the entire conversation.

I think this is such a sweet call. The tech guy is really patient and doesn’t make fun of the lady and just takes the time to help her out. It just goes to show that even though the world is talking all about Social Media, what’s happening on Facebook and Twitter there are still people just using the computer to look things up.

As a marketing communications specialist I wonder whether or not this group of people is a forgotten group? Perhaps there is someway to reach this target group for a certain product. We just have to make sure that the message is idiot-proof though…

Feel like playing Google Pac-Man now? Click here

Do you think the tech support guy received more than one Pac-Man call?

Via: Huffington Post