Parade with your followers on the Twitter Followers ISParade

ISParade is a cool new way to visualise your Twitter followers. You’ll actually be walking in an animated parade with them!

All you have to to is fill in your Twitter account name and you see your own avatar pop up with a big banner and all your followers will follow you with their tweets popping up in little balloons.

Twitter ISParade

You can also click on your followers, they will pause and dance for you!

Twitter ISParade

Tjongolongo, how funny is that! You can type in your own Twitter ID or someone else’s. The more followers someone has, the more fun it is to look at!

Go and create an ISParade yourself now!

I love these kind of developments within an application. On one hand I think, why would anybody spent time to create something like this, on the other hand, if he didn’t I wouldn’t have something fun to tell you about!

Have you paraded with your followers yet?