Levi’s searching for Social Media girl on Facebook

Levi’s is on the look out for it’s first virtual spokesperson for Levi’s womenswear. They already have Levi’s Guy Gareth and they are now looking for a Levi’s Girl.

According to their Facebook page, if you’re hip, social media savvy, and passionate about life, then you can become the face and voice for Levi’s Women.

So basically they’re looking for beauty and the nerd combined into one person!

Contestants can submit a short video on why Levi’s should pick them to be the next Levi’s Girl on Levi’s Facebook page.

The fans of Levi’s Facebook page will vote on who the next Levi’s Girl will be.

I think this is a very nice example of using Social Media within a company. Not only are they using the Social Media to create awareness to their brand and engage with their fans, they are also using it to find new employees. Why hire a recruiter if you can use Social Media?

What do you think of this contest? Would you enter a contest to win a job?

Via: Mashable