Follow the World Cup on Twitter

For those of you that don’t know it yet, you can follow the World Cup matches on Twitter as well. Twitter has dedicated a special page on its site to show all the tweets that include the hash tag worldcup as well as the hash tags related to the countries of the football teams.

Twitter World Cup
If you use #worldcup in your tweet you can see a football show up next to it. The same goes for the hash tag for your country, in my case #NED. If I use that the Dutch flag will appear next to it in my tweet.

But wait, there is more! By using these hash tags you will also appear on Twitters official World Cup page where you can follow all the comments regarding the World Cup as well as the matches in real time.

I personally think it’s an excellent idea by Twitter to create a special events page like this. I wouldn’t be surprised if they will start doing stuff like this more often.

It’s also an interesting idea for companies, perhaps for certain events or promotional stunts they can also create separate Twitter pages.

For the coming weeks though, I’ll keep on checking the World Cup Twitter page for the latest World Cup tweets.

How do you keep up to date with the latest World Cup news?