What is advertising?

Advertising is more than just putting a poster on the wall. Advertising according to Wikipedia is a form of communication  intended to persuade an audience (viewers, readers or listeners) to take some action.

I agree with Wikipedia to some extend on this one, I only have a slight adjustment.

To me, the definition is:

Advertising is a form of repetitive and consistent communication intended to inform and influence an audience (viewers, readers or listeners) to take some action.

What is advertising?

The action to be taken can be anything:

  • Inform and influence people about the name of a product, service or idea
  • Inform people what the benefit of the product of service is to them
  • Persuade people to purchase a product or service
  • Etc.

The medium used for the advertising can be anything as well

  • Newspaper
  • Magazine
  • Television
  • Website
  • Text message
  • Direct Mail
  • Etc.

The core of advertising is repetition. Just putting up one poster on a billboard or one banner on a website will not work. With advertising you have to make sure that it’s all around your consumers environment.

The most effective way of advertising is when it’s an integrated part of your marketing communications plan. Advertising can help you with your brand awareness whether your brand is a product, service or an idea.

Next to repetition, consistency is key to advertising. To be most effective, you have to make sure that what you communicate through each medium contains the same consistent message.

It’s all quite easy and logical, though I often see the consistency and repetition bit failing. Especially these days. It’s almost as if because the world is in an economic crisis it’s okay to stop advertising properly. I disagree with this totally. I think that in times like this you should be advertising properly. It will make people connect with your brand even more when the economy starts getting better. Who will people remember, the ones that didn’t advertise, or the ones that did?

What do you think? Should people keep advertising?

Image: Liquid Brand Exchange