Is it a mirror, is it a sculpture? It’s Mirror Man!

I came across some photo’s of this amazing street performer who people call the ‘Silver Mirror Man’. He is covered in mirrors from head to toe. It made me go tjongolongo immediately! How cool is that!

Mirror Man pointingI haven’t been able to find much information about the Mirror Man other than that he was spotted outside the Griffith Observatory in LA and that he’s a street performer.

I think he’s amazing. And, as with all creative things like that my communication mind immediately starts spinning. I can see some creative promotional things you can do with something as amazing as this.

Mirror Man face close-up

Mirror Man foot close-up

Mirror Man in front of Griffith Observatory in LA

Mirror Man

I would love to see the Mirror Man in real life once. If I’m ever in LA I’l be sure to keep my eyes open!

Have you seen the Mirror Man?

Spotted @ Amusing Planet
Image by: SiLver sKY