Backtacular: A fashionable way to cover your butt crack

BacktacularYes, your butt crack… With jeans getting lower and lower these days, more and more butt cracks are showing. A company called Kimberlily has launched a ranged of bejewelled patches which are specially designed to be worn at the rear of low-riding jeans.

Wearing the ‘Backtacular’ means that people will no longer see butt cracks (or as I call it, builders cleavage) appearing over the top of their jeans.


Tjongolongo, how weird of a product is that? The product does make me think though, it can either fail miserably, or be a huge success. I’m currently 40/60 on it, 40% it can work, 60% it will fail. It all depends on the marketing, communications and branding of the product. I will be keeping an eye out for the Backtacular, who knows, maybe in a few years time we won’t remember life without them!

Do you think the Backtacular has a chance?