A tjongolongo moment

This week I’ll be posting two of my tjongolongo posts again. As I said in my previous post about my new website I will be changing around things content wise, which means, more serious posts, but I will not be stopping with my tjongolongo posts.

I have even created a separate page for some of the videos that I come across that make me go tjongolongo?!

For the last two weeks I had a video on there about a kid dancing to low.

Now I’ve got a video about the US army boys in Afghanistan doing a remake of Lady Gaga’s Telephone song. Their remake made me go tjongolongo?!

This page will change every two weeks into something new.

Whether or not I’ll always keep the page, I don’t know. I’m still testing what works and what doesn’t.

Any feedback on how to improve my blog is welcome. After all, at the moment this is still version 1.1. I’ve still got lots of improving to do before the site is just the way I like it!