Romeo and Juliet 2010: Such Tweet Sorrow

As of today the Royal Shakespeare Company is retelling the story of Romeo and Juliet. According to the Guardian the entire tweeting experience will take five weeks and approximately 4,000 tweets.

The Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) has teamed up with cross-platform production firm Mudlark to launch Such Tweet Sorrow. A drama, told in real-time based on Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.

The story is set in a modern setting with Juliet being the daughter of a successful property developer. Her mother died in a car driven by the artist Montague. You get the picture right? The father doesn’t stand Montague, so chances are he won’t like his son.

There are more characters in it obviously, but I suggest you check out the website of ‘Such Tweet Sorrow’ for the full cast. The whole story will be played out by a cast of six actors.

So far I haven’t seen Romeo on Twitter yet, but Juliet has already tweeted some stuff and even put a film up on YouTube.

Tjongolongo, I love this idea of bringing theatre to the online community. If you can’t get the people to the theatre, bring the theatre to them! It just goes to show that if you think outside the box, you can get some cool new ideas.

It’s also a great example of how Social Media can be for more than just businesses or friends. To me Social Media and theatre are a lot alike actually. Theatre for me is about connecting people, connecting them with that what the artist have to say, in this case connect people with Shakespeare and the story. Social Media is all about connecting people as well.

By performing this story on Twitter the RSC gives a new dimension to the story. People can actually follow the actors in real-time and perhaps even comment on their story. It brings the story even closer.

What do you think of this new digital way of telling an old story?

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