Justin Bieber: A Social Media example

Looking for a great Social Media example? Check out Justin Bieber.
Unless you’ve been living under a rock or perhaps aren’t surrounded by tweens you will have heard of Justin Bieber.

At the age of 13 his mom put up some YouTube videos of him performing during a local singing competition. Bieber’s videos were viewed over ten million times when Usher signed him to his record label.

From thereon in it all went quite fast and Justin Bieber is currently the biggest pop star launched by YouTube.

Justin’s performance at a local talent show

So what’s so Social about Justin Bieber?

Justin and his PR team are doing things just like it should be done.

First of all, he’s covering some of the basics of Social Media:

Even though Justin gets many tweets from fans he tries to answer most of them himself. There are only two people that have access to his account, he and his manager. So he’s not only using his Twitter account to broadcast his latest information. He also tries to engage with his fans. He even managed to stop a riot after one of his shows was cancelled by tweeting to his fans to calm down.

In a short space of time Justin has managed to create a large community of followers and fans through his online world.

When you check out his website, you get the impression that everything that Justin is up to is posted there. Many behind the scenes videos are posted up there for his fans to watch

You can connect with Justin on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

Some Social Media Bieber statistics

– He has over 175,000,000 video views on YouTube
– He has over   3,160,000 fans on Facebook
– He has over   2,160,000 followers on Twitter
– He has been a trending topic on Twitter for months now and it doesn’t seem likely that will stop anytime soon

Justin telling his fans his new album is out

Justin Bieber a social success

All in all this kid isn’t doing too shabby! I personally like how someone like him can come from a city in Canada performing in a talent show to being the huge pop star he is now, just by posting a film on YouTube. He obviously has an enormous amount of talent as well, he’s taught himself to play the piano, drums, guitar, and trumpet just to name a few. With Social Media making the world smaller these days he was picked up by record labels much quicker than the ‘old school’ people were. Artists used to perform in many nightclubs etc. before getting noticed, now just posting a video can get you into a record deal.

I think Justin is doing an excellent job in keeping his fans up to date with his latest news. I really like the fact that he’s using his online channels not just to inform his fans but also engage with them even if it’s a little. After all, they are the ones that listen to his music and buy his albums, they are the ones that ultimately give him the success he has.

Companies should take a good look at what he’s doing online and learn from that.

Do you think Justin Bieber is a good Social Media example?