What will Google TV be?

Last week everybody was all excited about Google TV. I saw many sites announcing this new and exciting Google project and even heard about it on TV and the radio.

At first I thought, Tjongolongo, how cool is that but than I realised that the one place I didn’t hear anything from was Google itself. I haven’t been able to find anything on their site nor have I been able to find any other official statement from their ‘partners’ (Sony and Intel).

They say Google TV will bring us the following:

  • Surf online video
  • An interface to access popular social sites like Twitter
  • Browse photos on sharing sites like Google Picasa

That all sounds very nice, but doesn’t really excite me yet. For now it just sounds like you’ll have a computer connected to a TV screen. I can do that now.

What I would like to see in Google TV

  • Personalisation
    I would love to have a sort of ‘start’ channel where I can put all my favourite TV shows and internet apps on. Like you can make your own internet start page with iGoogle now.
  • Integration
    If they can somehow integrate television into your website. That would be cool as well, maybe add a widget with your own talkshow to your site.
  • Broadcasting for all
    Create your own television show which can be broadcasted on Google TV. Just like you can search short videos on YouTube, you can search television shows whether made by professionals or amateurs on Google TV.

What will Google TV be? I have no idea, only Google knows and they’re not saying anything at the moment.

I am quite curious to find out what they’re up to in that department. I’m sure (or at least hoping really hard) that it’s more than what other sites are claiming it to be.

I just hope they won’t connect it with Gmail and flood my sent mail with e-mails like Google Buzz is doing at the moment….(those currently using Google Buzz know what I’m talking about)

What would you like Google TV to be?

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