What is Marketing Communications

I have already covered Marketing and Communications. The next article in my ‘What is’ series is, ‘What is Marketing Communications?’

What is Marketing Communications?, TjongolongoI frequently get asked the question, if it isn’t Marketing nor Communications, than what is it?

As with Marketing and Communications there are a lot of definitions out there on the topic.

According to Wikipedia Marketing Communications are messages and related media used to communicate with a market.

Sounds nice, but to me, Marketing Communications is:

The content you create to get your message across to the right person to influence them about your brand’s reputation.

Once you know who your target group is (Marketing) and you know what you want to get across (Communications). It’s time to take action (Marketing Communications).

With Marketing Communications you create the actual content to communicate your brand. No matter if it’s a strategy, an activity, using a tool or a tactic, if the intend is to get your message across to your target group, you’re practicing Marketing Communications.

What is your definition of Marketing Communications?

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