Nacho cheese flavoured lip balm anyone?

I was actually searching the web and my brain for an interesting story and was just about to write something about the Oscars 2010 goodie bag when I came across the nacho cheese flavoured lip balm. I immediately went Tjongolongo?! Who on earth would want to use that?

I saw the lip balm on but, when clicking a bit further I landed on the Archie McPhee site. The site contains more of the strange flavoured lip balm, like corn dog, wasabi and bacon. Not only that, they also have another bunch of weird stuff like eggnog soap and frosting flavoured cupcake floss.

Tjongolongo, how weird is that?! And how funny. I’m sure there are people out there that would buy this kind of stuff. I don’t think the Oscar goodie bag will have a nacho cheese flavoured lip balm though. Who knows if they’ve got a Mojito flavoured lip balm in the future, I might try it!

What flavour would you like to try?

Spotted @ Alltop