IKEA’s creative subway campaign

Imagine what it would be like to sit comfortably on a sofa whilst waiting for your train to come into the subway station.

In Paris they can now. From March 10-24 IKEA has transformed a couple of subway stations in Paris to showrooms. The stations are filled with home furnishings such as couches, chairs and lamps. They’ve even decorated the walls with huge posters to showcase the IKEA interiors.

Tjongolongo, how cool is that! IKEA is getting quite creative with their campaigns lately. I loved their creative Facebook campaign and I love this one as well!

They have created unique content to get their message across to the right person to influence them about your their brand in a very cool way.

IKEA is affordable and for everyone, what better way to showcase their stuff than the subway station!

What do you think of IKEA’s subway campaign? Cool or what?

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Spotted @ Alltop