How not to sell a blade sharpener

My first tjongolongo moment of the week has been supplied by a Russian home shopping channel. A presenter manages to prove the shopping channel stereotype that people have of the advertising of products on the infomercials being dodgy.

The shopping channel presenter and his female colleague are demonstrating a very useful blade sharpener. You know how it goes, first the presenter show just how difficult it is to cut through a piece of paper with a dull pair of scissors.

Next up is his lovely female colleague showing us that by just going across the blade sharpener a couple of times the scissors’s blade will be sharpened.

Finally she hands over the scissors to her colleague and he shows just how easy it is to cut through the piece of paper now.

It all sounds fairly okay now doesn’t it? The only thing the presenters forgot is that they weren’t being filmed in close up. So the fact that the guy reaches over to get a completely new pair of scissors while his colleague is demonstrating how to sharpen the old on doesn’t really go unnoticed… (0.51sec)

To make matters even worse his colleague doesn’t even place the old pair of scissors near the new one, but somewhere else on the table. (0.59sec)

Tjongolongo?! How on earth could you mess up something simple as that. And why are people (obviously) still demonstrating stuff like this? Either show us that the product works or just cancel the product, don’t sell us stuff that doesn’t’ work!

It’s bad for your brand. Why do you think so many home shopping channels make people think they sell doggy stuff? Because they sell it like this! I do think it’s a shame that things like this happen. I also think that if you can sell whilst presenting at a home shopping channel, you can sell anything. It takes some special skill to do this. I know I couldn’t do it!

I wonder if there will ever be a home shopping channel of which (you think) you can actually buy something useful? What do you think?

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